Desert Point Lodges offers amazing diving experiences in cooperation with the professional German owned Dive Zone. At their dive shops they have, depending on the season, 4 instructors and 5 dive masters available for you, and they are led by experienced PADI Staff Instructors.

We offer diving as an individual experience at the exclusive, new dive sites around our pristine coastline. We also have special day trips with the chance to explore the undiscovered waters with the opportunity to find untouched and amazing dive sites.
A unique underwater experience and a fascinating multitude of species await you.
A highlight for photographers and all scuba enthusiasts!

In south-west Lombok the chances of seeing turtles and white tip reef sharks are fairly high. You also are likely to sight blue spotted stingrays, cuttlefish, scorpion fish and more while diving in the waters of South Lombok. The underwater paradise you will find here offers a great variety and many possibilities for new discoveries.

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