Getting there

Pick up service

The easiest way to get to the lodges is to have our driver pick you up at the airport at Mataram or at Lembar where the ferry arrives from Bali (250.000Rp one way).

By taxi, car or scooter

You can rent a scooter, car or to take a blue bird taxi. The blue bird taxis have a reliable meter, so you don’t have to negotiate about the price and you’ll never pay too much.

Ask your driver to go to ‘Bangko Bangko’. If he keeps staring at you try ‘Desert Point’ or ‘Sekotong’. From Sekotong you keep following the coastline. You’ll pass some small villages and a resort called ‘Bola Bola’. Keep going, you’re still going in the right direction! About 15 minutes after ‘Bola Bola’ you’ll see a bay at you right hand. You’re almost there now. Right after you’ve passed the villa on the hill, you’ll see a surf board and Desert Point Lodges’ restaurant. The lodges and the bay are only separated by the small road you’ve been driving on. So check in, get on your bathing suit and cool down in the clear blue water!

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